Road to Shipyard 4.0

Author(s) Otto Lappalainen
Publisher ECOPRODIGI Project
Date 2020
Pages 28
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







The content of the present report is based on the contributions provided by the several authors representing the most respected entities in the world of the international maritime shipping industry. It should be looked at as a result of the perfect collaboration. Numerous experts validated the original version of the report and, after that, the document was validated.

The document is aimed at the policy makers and other industry stakeholders, researchers and technology developers, and many other players. In fact, it could be treated as a sort of the starting point when discussing the future of the shipbuilding as it facilitates the cooperation of the parties involved. Note that the main emphasis has been put by the authors on the Baltic Sea region.

They have provided an excellent source of information about the current situation as well as the historical background and, of course, the future perspectives of the shipbuilding industry in the subject region. the document shall be read by the people willing to be kept updated in the recent developments and ongoing trends in the field of the shipbuilding and is intended to be useful to the professional shipbuilders and others engaged in the field.

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