royal naval submarines

Author(s) M. P. Cocker
Publisher US Naval Institute Press
Date 1983
Pages 128
Format pdf
Size 72 Mb







In the closing years of the XIX century it was only France who could claim near-parity in the sea power with Great Britain. The "Entente Cordiale" was a decade away and France was regarded as a potential naval threat. This hazard increased by successful French attempts to build "sousmarins". Four such vessels were in use in the French navy by 1897, electrically powered and with compressed air reservoir; the largest was 160 feet long and displaced 266 tons.

The main purpose of this popular volume was to fill the existing informational gap in naval history related to the submarines of the Royal Navy. In fact, in the past there was no book to cover every submarine launched into the Royal Navy fleet; another idea of the author was to track and show the evolution of the submarines since 1901. It was obviously a difficult task since the histories of service of most of those boats could each easily fill a book.

That is why it required considerable time consumed and effort by the author to choose the most relevant, important and interesting information for inclusion in this publication. And we can say that he definitely succeeded in this - his work has been well met by the naval historians and just interested readers around the planet.

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