RS Register of Ships

Author(s) RS
Publisher RS
Date 2019
Pages 861
Format pdf
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Here is the document listing all the vessels that are classed by Russian Register, one of the world's leaders in the field of classification. This Register book is released once every two years so this edition is the last published. The book contains all information related to the sea-going vessels that are self-propelled and have the gross tonnage equal to or exceeding 100 tons.

The present release of the publication contains valuable info on the ship owners - their names have been recorded in the Column 1 of this Register. The e-version of the Record is also available and it includes the latest amendments, i.e. those taking place after this publication have been released. Though all data contained in the document were obtained from the reliable sources of information, RS cannot actually guarantee the accuracy of all provided details.

The publication starts with the list of abbreviations and symbols used, followed by the key to the Register and the main block. Then there is list of former names of the vessel and list of owners in Russian Federation and in the foreign countries. The document will be very useful for people who may require the full information on the vessel, having only the name and knowing that the vessel is classed by RS.

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