sailboat refinishing

Author(s) Don Casey
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 1996
Pages 141
Format pdf
Size 3.1 Mb







The refinishing of the boat is one of the most important improvements and one of the most difficult tasks in the whole process of maintenance. Proper refinishing will definitely have a very dramatic impact on the appearance. Exposure to the wondrous powers of paint began for most of us with a yellow and green box of crayons. More recent experience is likely to involve rollers and walls.

Almost everyone has some painting experience. Whether your training is experienced or limited, if you select the right product and take a deliberate and careful approach to applying it to your boat, you are definitely certain to be happy with the results. This book by Don Casey is a perfect source of useful information - it clearly indicates what exactly is necessary to have on hand in order to be able to re-do a boat. For novices this book will be useful thanks to the amount of information, while for professionals it will be equally useful since it will help them bring their knowledge up-to-date with the latest developments in sailboat finishing.

By the way, it has so many common points with another popular book by same author - This Old Boat, which we also do recommend. In short, this publication contains nearly everything the boat refinisher needs to know.

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