Author(s) Ellen Macarthur
Publisher DK
Date 2007
Pages 352
Format pdf
Size 69 Mb







For any person who seriously considers setting sail, the present excellent publication shall be treated as a very essential reading, and it makes no difference if they are dripping their toe in the sea water for the first time or they are truly sea-dogs willing to brush-up their seamanship skills. All of them will get a great chance to get duly started - they will explore many different types of boats, know what shall be worn, and also discover the correct kit to be chosen for the lakes, high seas or rivers.

They will learn the basic sailing techniques, from launching their boats to racing and get the low-down in navigating their vessels and handling emergency situations. We do recommend you to take some of your time doing some prior research before you start - explore the most popular sailing destinations of the planet etc.

This book has already been deservedly placed in the list of the top popular sailing publications of the world. Taking into account the usefulness of the information presented in the book, we may definitely say that this is a must-have one for all enthusiasts of sailing and boating. We guarantee that you will not get disappointed with the content of this great publication.

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