Sailing strategy

Author(s) Ian Proctor
Publisher Adlard Coles Nautical
Date 2010
Pages 176
Format epub
Size 4 Mb







The very first edition of this famous publication was released back in 1953 and has remained popular among the sailors of the whole world since that time. In fact, there is only limited number of the sailors who are actually prepared to share the understanding and knowledge of the sailing tactics and strategy that they possess. This volume is devoted to the sailing strategy as applied to the boat racing.

Written by the experienced dinghy boat sailor, the book is intended to provide an excellent insight to the subject, supplementing the explanations with the original illustrations included for better learning results; in this revised edition of the book same original illustrations have been used, but redrawn and colored.

The volume shall be treated as a good training reference for the people who already have some essential knowledge about the matter, since though it assist in predicting the wind and current alteration, the final hands-on techniques have been left to the individuals, who have been provided with all they need for the improvement of their skills. The basics of the preparation have been outlined in the publication; go through it and you will find yourself much more confident in sailing.

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