Seagull CBT - CD0001 - Personal Safety

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This training module is the opening part of the world respected learning series developed by Seagull. We all know, it is sad true that the injuries and accidents keep happening despite the worldwide implementation of the ISM Code. Even if the good procedures are established and in place, the personal choices made by the people working on board, and safety culture can actually be of critical importance and mean the difference between safe working condition and incident.

Within this module, the trainees are offered to check the procedures and initiatives intended to increase the human safety, and it is emphasized that it is human making choice that will eventually keep him or her safe. The learners who have successfully completed the course will get a proper understanding of the "safety culture" and be able to recognize all benefits of timely reporting all shipboard incidents and accidents as well as near misses. They will also recognize how important it is to perform shipboard familiarization.

The ISM Code has been paid particular attention and it is underlined that the safe work procedures must be followed at all times. In addition, the trainees will get to know the fundamental sources of the relevant rules currently in place. The main thing to understand, of course, is that the safety of the people working on any ship is a matter of their own responsibility...

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