Seagull - Personal Safety

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The contents of the present training video was developed and released by one of the most respected producers of the maritime training resources. This video is fully devoted to the personal safety on board marine vessels. The trainees will find most of the important shipboard personal safety aspects covered in detail. Throughout this short film you will be following the mariner who has just joined his new vessel, belonging to the international shipping company.

The person is now looking at meeting with his future colleagues as he is going to spend the next four months on board. He has spent his last twenty four hours traveling to reach the location, changing airplanes and crossing several time zones. And now, finally, he is on board and ready to start working; or, is he? So, you are now about to watch the film which is showing one of the most common situations and factors leading to the fatigue in seafarers.

Please watch the film carefully and be prepared to answer the control questions that are there after each of the sections in order to check your understanding of the lesson. We know that fatigue is considered one of the factors directly contributing to the number of incidents at sea so you can never underestimate its importance.

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