seamanship secrets

Author(s) Robert Jamieson
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 209
Pages 327
Format pdf
Size 22 Mb







An excellent modern publication containing selected tips and techniques for better marine navigation, route planning and handling of boats - both sailing boats and ones under power. All techniques and tips have been explained in a very clear manner making the seamanship and navigation really comprehensible even to the newcomers. The text of the volume is very simple and understandable.

Clear explanations provided by the author are demystifying all covered topics. The readers from all around the globe have already found this publication a must-read one for any person contemplating the blue water voyage or coastal cruising. According to their reviews, this volume deserves an important place in the library of any offshore yachter. The book is well-prepared, it engages the readers and provides lots of valuable information covering many areas of boating and yachting.

The content of it will be of equally great use for marine professional and beginner sailors since it provides them all with the easily accessed and readable reference touching every single boating skill and also some secrets of the effective seamanship. It is very practical and gives numerous instructions and informative hints to help all beginners gain the required boating skills very quickly plus gives some new information for the experienced sailors.

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