Seamanship Training Manual

Author(s) MS & SC
Publisher The Marine Society & Sea Cadets
Date 2001
Pages 90
Format pdf
Size 8 Mb







These useful and practical notes have been compiled in order to provide required assistance to the cadets and ship staff in need for the readily available reference source as applied to the official training syllabus. There are eleven chapters in this book covering absolutely everything they should know. The opening chapter is dealing with the general sea terminology for the parts of the ship and navigation.

The second chapter will tell you about the general ropework including different types of the ropes, their construction and characteristics. The next two chapters address the bends and hitches commonly used on the ships together with the whipping and splicing techniques. Once the trainees have been familiarized with the above information, they can proceed to the fifth chapter dealing with the rigging.

The sail making and decorative sail work and basic boat work have been covered in the next four chapters. The last two chapters of the volume are devoted to the chartwork and navigation. Some of the supplementary information is contained in the four appendixes, where the readers will find some additional info about the rigging equipment an regulatory framework, such as the COLREG.

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