Search and Rescue Co-ordination

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The content of this video training program is featuring the reconstructions of the real events that occurred at sea - they were taken from the SAR incidents and demonstrate how important it is to have clear and thorough understanding of the correct procedures. Subject understanding and due awareness of the procedures and techniques may be critical in the event of disaster.

The program demonstrated the correct search and rescue, i.e. SAR procedures, following the events from the moment when the initial distress call was sent via the vessel's GMDSS and up to the final arrival of the rescuers. The trainees will see how following the guidelines of the codes of practice and proper co-ordination of all agencies involved contribute to a desired favorable result. They will get to know how to perform communication with rescue centers and how the vessel can assist MRCC in case of a distress situation. The possible role of the others vessels responding to the distress call have also been covered.

The GMDSS-covered ocean areas have been shown, together with the use of the satellite- and radio systems via DSC. The video is also showing how EPIRBs can help to search for humans at sea and save lives of the crew members, especially in harsh weather conditions making SAR operations much more difficult. This training is essential for every person on board as directly affecting safety of human life at sea which is a matter of top importance.

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