Self Instruction in Navigation

Author(s) Henry L. Thompson
Publisher Press of Southworth Pinting Company
Date 1916
Pages 83
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







Here is some pure classics and another piece of treasure for anyone with the deep interest in navigation. The old schoolers will greatly benefit from this book which is one of the most rarely found publications of all available today. The author has presented the materials trying to avoid any complicated mathematical theory that would make the understanding of the subject more difficult, especially for the newcomers to the world of ship navigation.

The contents of the book cover all information that you would need to improve your knowledge of the celestial navigation. Needless to say that it will make sense for everyone to have a good and sound understanding of the underlying fundamentals, even in today’s world of electronic navigation means. In fact, the book will be suitable even to the students with no superficial theoretical background, they will just have to go through the chapters one by one, reading them carefully and making notes.

Numerous illustrations and data tables are supplementing the text part of the publication and shall be referred to during the study. Even though the book was originally published at the beginning of the twentieth century, we all understand that the theory of the celestial navigation remained unchanged so the book is really actual today.

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