Semiconductor Electronics

Author(s) A. K. Sharma
Publisher New Age International Publishers
Date 2001
Pages 305
Format pdf
Size 11 Mb







The present book begins with the very brief intro to the basics of the semiconductor technology, including their structure, band theory of crystals and description of the energy level diagram. Difference between extrinsic and intrinsic semiconductors is explained in this opening chapter, and types (N- and P-) of the extrinsic ones have also been covered together with some other information.

The next chapter has been dedicated to the semiconductor junction diodes while the third one addresses the diode circuits and provides the necessary information about clippers, clampers, rectifiers, comparators, filter circuits, voltage multiplying circuits etc. Then there comes a chapters dealing with the transistors, integrated circuits, and their fabrications.

The rest of the titles include transistor biaising techniques, two-port network theory and circuit models, small signal basic amplifiers, multistage and feedback amplifiers, power, tuned and wideband amplifiers, oscillators, multi-vibrators, basic logic gates, and other information. Definitely needful publication for the electricians and all people dealing with the design, maintenance and repair of the electrical equipment and systems.

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