Ship Captain's Daughter - Growing Up on the Great Lakes

Author(s) Ann Michler Lewis
Publisher Wisconsin Historical Society Press
Date 2015
Pages 112
Format epub
Size 5 Mb







Her childhood was marked by pretty unusual rhythm. Every year freezing and subsequent thawing of the water of Great Lakes served as a sort of signal making the beginning and the end of anther shipping season, which in turn meant months of waiting for her father, the Captain.

The text of this fascinating book features vivid details and really lovely storytelling - this is the way how the author is capturing so interesting and fascinating life of many shipping families - days and weeks of their lives used to revolve mainly around the shipping industry of that region.

The author has managed to paint a truly affectionate and intriguing portrait of her father who started as a pianist but then started to work on board an ore freighter and this was a beginning of his life on the water. He made an impressive career from deckhand and up to the Captain of the vessel - he worked as a Captain on as many as thirteen different vessels over twenty-years of his working at sea.

Ann, the author of this story, used to accompany her father to the ports of Toledo, Milwaukee, Cleveland and others, and she has used her memories to describe sailing and visiting the machinery room of the ship, stormy weather, starry nights, wheeling the ship together with the Captain. She is revealing insights into the real rewards and trials of being a wife of the Captain...

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