ship collision damage

Author(s) Marie Lutzen
Publisher Technical University of Denmark
Date 2001
Pages 240
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







The main declared purpose of the author of the present thesis was to develop a procedure for the analysis of the ship collisions that would address all ship types and all possible damage scenarios. Among the main aspects covered within this work are the deterministic analysis and numerical Monte Carlo-based simulation of collisions to estimate the distributions for the damage expected to occur to the struck vessel and released energy, damage statistics analysis, and new proposal for the regulations governing the damage stability applying the probabilistic approach.

Three new programs have been developed and introduced for the deterministic analysis, addressing the damage to the struck vessel, striking vessel and to both of them. The author has conducted a thorough analysis of the information contained in the database of the damage from collisions occurred in the past with respect to the type of collision and relation between vessels plus the parameters of damage and the main particulars.

Chapters of the thesis cover the risk analysis, external dynamics and internal mechanics of ship collisions, deterministic and probabilistic analysis of collisions, damage statistics, comparison of the results obtained in the course of the observations and simulations, stability regulations, input for the collision programs, damage relations and other relevant information.

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