ship construction

Author(s) D. J. Eyres
Publisher Butterworth-Heinemann
Date 2001
Pages 368
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







The main intention of the author of this volume treated as one of the best ship construction textbooks available today, is to provide the readers with the basic theoretical knowledge that is necessary for those willing to get to the thorough technical understanding of the ship construction problems.

It will be a great source for the students of ship building, ship repair, and many other specialties connected with ship technology and marine-related sciences. It will be particularly useful for the students engaged in BTEC programs preparing to start their careers at sea. The content of the book covers literally everything starting from the fundamental theoretical information about the basic elements of the ships, their types, constructional features, their hulls and shipboard systems, outfitting items etc.

Then the book covers all shipyard practices, joining metals, means of control, and even international regulations governing the construction of ships. We are all aware of the significant changes that took place in the ship construction industry in the past decades, such as the introduction of several brand new construction technologies, and one of the main aims of the present volume is to describe most of the contemporary shipyard techniques to the readers with due attention being paid to the basic theoretical principles.

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