Ship Handling - Dokmar

Author(s) Hevre Baudu
Publisher Dokmar Maritime Publishers B.V.
Date 2017
Pages 269
Format pdf
Size 86 Mb







This is one of the best titles available today on ship handling. There are three major parts in this volume. In the first part, the essential features of the vessel are described together with the main maneuvering methods in use. The second part is devoted to the forces influencing the vessel movement and requiring close attention.

Finally, the last part addresses the factors affecting the vessels in the course of the maneuvering, for example when moving inside drydocks, performing mooring operations, etc. the author is mainly focusing on the different factors that affect the vessel’s maneuvering characteristics.

Since all of the topics are looked on at a quite essential level, the volume will be practically useful and can be utilized for the training. Sailing in the narrow waterways has also been covered, including the STCW recommendations setting up the helmsmen abilities.

The content of the volume reflects more than fifteen-year boat sailing experience of the author, and is intended for use by the students of the different marine education facilities; however, it will be equally useful for the self-studying. Make sure you have your own free copy and start familiarizing yourselves with the magic world of sailing.

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