Ship manoeuvring principles and pilotage

Author(s) Captain Paul R. Williamson
Publisher Witherby
Date 2013
Pages 154
Format pdf
Size 17 Mb







   The handling and piloting of vessel is something about the individual understandings of the people, based on their practical knowledge. This book written by professional Captain shall be used as a very useful addition to the other materials covering this subject. The text of the publication is remarkably easy to understand and in some cases has been delivered in a form of anecdotes, to make reading more pleasant.

However, the contents of the volume will be useful even for the professional mariners as going through it will let them refresh their knowledge and skills that they might have forgotten. Of course, no one can learn the experience from the book and it is mainly the outcome of the years of doing things either right or wrong – what you do is that you try to avoid repeating the mistakes and you do your best to remember what was done right.

There are many chapters in this book and the author will take the readers from the basic information of handling vessels, through all technical aspects, covering literally everything they should be aware of, up to and including the responsibilities of the pilot related to the vessel and to the port authorities. We recommend this publication to all mariners and students due to the comprehensiveness of coverage and reader-friendliness.

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