Ship of Destiny

Author(s) Robin Hobb
Publisher Spectra
Date 1999
Pages 832
Format fb2
Size 1 Mb







Another fascinating title by Robin Hobb, the world famous author of the popular "Farseer" trilogy. This volume presents readers with an excellent and exciting sea tale, full of adventures with everything readers would expect to find, such as good pirates, sea serpents and even magic. The author peopled his book with numerous characters all of which have been developed wonderfully.

According to the numerous reviews of the book submitted by many readers, this is not just a fantasy book - this one should be very deservedly listed there among the best fiction books. They have found this title a unique and truly irreproducible masterwork from its start to finish. The pages of the book are dripping with the care and heart, leaving some room for wisdom. The author has beautifully paces both plot and story-telling. Well-done world-building makes readers buy into talking wood.

And the characterization and dialogues are worked in such a smart way that the readers feel as just sitting by the table listening to their old friends. We would also not another impressive feature of this title - the emotional intelligence of the author combined with the grasp of the real human nature and people behavior. The title features good and evil overlapping between its characters...

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