Ship repairing English

Author(s) Collective
Publisher Dalian Maritime Institute Press
Date 2000
Pages 180
Format pdf
Size 31 Mb







A good reference developed by the specialists of the Dalian University. The document has been specifically prepared to provide some assistance to the people dealing with the shipbuilding and repair activities and experiencing serious difficulties with the English grammar and ship terminology. The content of the book is bi-lingual and presented in English and Chinese languages.

The information has been arranged in seven major chapters, and each chapter consists of two parts - "sentences" and "reading materials". The book opens with the chapter dedicated to the repairs done to the ship's hull including repair lists, dry-docking of the vessels, derusting, painting, repair works, general conditions, typical specifications and associated costs. The second chapter covers the docking engineering, talking about the repair lists, chains, propellers, shafting arrangements, rudders, valves, hull coatings, CPP, shaft bearings, thrust blocks, steering gear, cavitation and many other aspects.

The third chapter addresses the ship machinery repair, covering the machinery failures, relevant technical requirements, shipyards, inspection and repair of the diesel engines, operation of the ship's main engine, checks and acceptance, installation, operation and maintenance of the diesel engines, pumping arrangements, refrigeration machinery, propulsors, deck machinery etc. The last three chapters are covering the electrical equipment installed on board, safety of the ship repair works, and various real application examples.

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