Ship Security Officer - Duties and Responsibilities

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Consider this scenario – while in port, a gang of intruders attempts to gain access over the stern of your ship. Would you know what to do? Heightened ship security requires planning, coordination and new responsibilities. Much of it falls to the SSO, or Ship Security Officer. In this program, we will look at the key competencies required of the Ship Security Officer, the Ship’s Security Plan, identifying threats, the ship/shore interface, responding to threats, and security administration.

It is likely to be a regular ship’s officer who will be asked to assume the duties of SSO. It is important that these new duties not be overly burdensome, and can be integrated into his or her regular responsibilities. There are five key competencies required of the SSO. The first one is to maintain and supervise the implementation of the Ship Security Plan, which should be ship-specific and updated regularly based on new information and security drills and exercises. The second required competence is to assess security risk, threat and vulnerability, and this will involve coordination with port facilities and awareness of MARSEC levels.

The third one implies undertaking regular inspections of the ship to ensure appropriate security measures are implemented and maintained – this includes establishing and marking restricted areas on the vessel, and limiting access to these areas. The number for is to ensure that security systems and equipment are properly operated, calibrated, and tested as necessary – note that the port state authorities may ask for a demonstration of these systems during their inspections. Finally, the last competence is to encourage security awareness and vigilance, including drills, exercises, crew education, practice and training.

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