Ship Stability

Author(s) Capt. H. Subramaniam
Publisher Vijaya Publications
Date 1981
Pages 159
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







This is one more excellent book on ship stability and will be greatly appreciated by all naval architects. Like any other book belonging to the well-known Nutshell series, the publication is intended for use while the student is out of sea. The publication is covering the entire syllabuses for both watch keeping officers and second mates; however, it may also be useful to the marine engineers.

The book opens with the chapters on density and relative density, flotation and water pressure, followed by the chapters addressing deadweight and displacement, effect of density on them, centers of gravity and buoyancy, as well as other essentials. The transverse statical stability of the vessels and their equilibrium are discussed in the following chapters, together with the free surface effect, hydrostatic curves, tables and draft.

Each of the chapter is supplemented with the exercises to ensure proper understanding of the material covered. Since the due knowledge of the naval architecture and stability in particular is a must-have for any seaman, we would recommend this publication to everyone on board ship, taking into account the reader-friendliness of the book making it easy to read by literally anyone having basic knowledge of math.

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