Ship Stability by DOKMAR

Author(s) Klaas van Dokkum
Publisher Dokmar Maritime Publishers
Date 2010
Pages 176
Format pdf
Size 67 Mb







Ship stability is deservedly considered one of the most difficult concepts to define. The whole technical idea of a stable character is grasped even though it is quite hard to be put in words. Same would apply to the notion of a stable vessel because stability is a very complex entity. It still plays a critically important role in ship navigation. Should the ship be unstable, immediate danger arises to the vessel and people on board as well at to the surrounding environment.

That is the reason why the regulations have been established to govern the stability of the ships. One of the main strength of this volume is that it makes the ship stability visible to the readers and also makes it accessible and easily understandable even for the newcomers because of the approach applied by its author who has supplemented the theoretical part of the publication with numerous informative figures and illustrations as well as detailed drawings. The book is expected to be highly suitable for the professional training in the classroom or for the self-studying.

All required and important topics have been addressed in this volume together with the abbreviations and terminology used in the naval architecture and ship stability, in particular. Note that this book is an excellent supplement to another publication prepared by the same author under title Ship Knowledge so we would recommend you to have a close look into both books. 

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