Shipboard Investigation

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As we know, the incidents represent degree of failure in the shipboard safety management system and can be resulting from the lack of proper training, procedural deficiencies, faulty equipment or other factors, all of which shall be addressed in order to prevent reoccurrence. The most effective tool in eliminating these failures is the accident investigation process.

Conducting accident investigation forces us to take a deeper look at what actually went wrong, identify the root causes, and make recommendations for corrective actions to bring about change. This is a law under the section nine of the International Safety Management Code.

This video is intended to be used as training aid to assist shipboard and accident investigation teams in conducting investigations of accidents or near-accidents. Investigations must be carried out properly in order to prevent fellow shipmates from getting hurt on board your or perhaps some other vessel.

It is also intended to make all crew members aware of the importance of reporting accidents and near-accidents. All of the crew members must recognize that reporting of the near-accidents is as important as reporting actual accidents. Near accidents trigger the warning signs that the potential for an accident exists.

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