Shipbuilding for Beginners

Author(s) A. W. Carmichael
Publisher Emergency Fleet Corporation
Date 1918
Pages 32
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







The present training booklet was designed and published to be for used by workmen who are involved in construction of the vessels contracted for by the United States Shipping Board, with the confident expectation that it would be of value to them.

Though published of almost one century ago, it is now classic and still actual source of information as the publication provides good explanation of the material contained in very clear and easy to follow and understand language.

The authors have supplemented the text of the booklet with numerous helpful and informative data diagrams. though originally published so many years and even decades ago, the booklet is still very useful for the newcomers to the shipbuilding industry willing to understand the very basics of it without going too deep into technical details which they may study at the later stages of their professional education.

Even for the general readers, i.e. people well far from the ship construction industry this booklet will for sure be of some interest since it will give them a general idea of shipbuilding. In fact, we would recommend to download the document, get it printed and keep readily available for anyone showing interest.

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