Shipping Casualty Emergency Response

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The main declared objective of the present training program was to demonstrate to the trainees the use of the shipboard emergency plan. This plan is also referred to as a contingency plan. The training starts with the rationale for the ship's emergency/contingency and then proceeds to the definition of what shall be contained in the plan; it also defines the essential stages in responding to the emergencies occurring at sea.

The developers of the training module tried to emphasize that is absolutely mandatory for all ship officers to have good and clear understanding of the emergency or contingency plan of their vessel. And getting deep understanding of the plan can obviously be achieved only through very good and thorough training supplemented with regularly conducted practical exercising of the content.

Particular attention has been paid in the program to the interaction between the master of the ship and the emergency party as well as between the ship, office and relevant coastal authorities. The training is recommended to all ship officers taking into account that the people who have gone through its content carefully will get some basic understanding of all important aspects; that is why this video may be used as part of their training.

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