Shipping Finance

Author(s) ICS
Publisher Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers
Date 2015
Pages 181
Format pdf
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The contemporary maritime shipping industry is rich of stories of fortunes that have been made and lost, and in some cases this can take place several times – this does fascinate and make the whole subject of maritime economics important and interesting. Of course, sound knowledge of the essentials of the economics of shipping industry is of great importance for any person intending to make a successful career in this field.

This is a very capital intensive making the financial decisions be truly crucial as the proper choice of finance would eventually affect the result of any investment made through impacting the risk-and-reward balance between those who own the finance and those providing finance. The present volume is covering the basic sources of the finance and the authors pay due attention to the differences existing between the possible options.

Every shipowner, meaning the company, is free to choose the appropriate finance level sought together with the security level and other aspects; and these choices made by the owners do affect the returns. The vessels are deservedly considered very useful assets but they could also threaten even the existence of the owner, it all depends on the actions and choices, and this is why it is so important to go through this book very carefully…

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