Shipping operations management

Author(s) I. D. Visvikis, P. M. Panayides
Publisher Springer
Date 2017
Pages 271
Format pdf
Size 3 Mb







This volume is mainly focusing on the management of the common operations in the shipping, which is an activity requiring due knowledge and significant technical expertise spanning different disciplines. The people engaged in the ship operations are normally required to have enough understanding of the subject and also to be well-versed with the important aspects of management, as well as the economics, and even engineering.

Moreover, they need to be proficient in the modern technology and be aware of the law aspects. Furthermore, managing ship operations will require them to be able to perform proper identification and neutralization of the threats and to conduct the risk management so that the correct decisions are made, optimizing the relevant costs and contributing to improvements in performance. Though the management of the ship operations is fundamental thing, to date there has been no books providing readers with the reconciled and compiled knowledge. 

This edition of the book was released to fill in the aforementioned gap in the available literature, bringing together all knowledge gathered from the recognized experts. Their combined efforts have eventually resulted in the excellent reference guidebook intended for use by the employees of the maritime entities and to serve as a supplement when teaching the relevant marine programs.

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