Ships magnetic compass

Author(s) Capt. T. K. Joseph, Capt. S. S. Rewari
Publisher Applied Research International
Date 2018
Pages 214
Format pdf
Size 13 Mb







This is one of the best books available today to address the magnetic compasses used on board ships. The volume was originally released back in 2000. The book covers virtually all important aspects of the shipboard use of the subject equipment and will be greatly useful for the students as well as the practicing deck officers. Numerous illustrations supplement the text and will help in getting to the better understanding of the subject when preparing to the examinations.

The material included in the book covers such the important topics as terrestrial magnetism and ship’s own magnetism, essentials of the compass work, coefficients applied, hard iron deviation, heeling error and directive force, vertical force instrument, horizontal vibrating needle, Kelvin deflector and so many others. The book will also be interesting to those who need to understand the basics of the construction and use of the shipboard magnetic compasses.

The correction and adjustment of the compasses have been covered in detail and there is a separate chapter devoted to this. The volume concludes with the performance standards and several theory questions for better tracking of the learning progress. All of the questions have the answers accumulated within the last chapter.

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