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The 2013 release of the Significant Ships and Significant Small Ships. The first book contains technical information, sketches and particulars of such interesting vessels as the Bluebird Arrow chemical tanker, Brasil Voyager shuttle tanker designed and built specifically for operations in Brazil region, Castrone pipelayer, Cap Arnauti box ship featuring capacity of 6600 TEU, Deep Orient construction ship with DPs system installed, Hanjin California container vessel, Kaimon Maru Aframax-size tanker, Dragon Sky woodchip carrier Fa Xian 6 seismic ship designed by Rolls Royce.

In addition, it will tell readers about large cruise vessel Royal Princess, Seasmile container vessel equipped with the G-type engine, Silver Eight and Messina ferries built for Japan and Italy respectively, Karvounis crude oil tanker ship, Stavangerfjord and Viking Grace liquid natural gas ferry delivered for Norway and Finland, Zealand Amelia general cargo vessel and so many others.

The second book will provide information about Deurloo pilot boat, Ocean Tundra fire fighting tug featuring heavy duty design, Sea Breeze boat for crew transfer, Elizabeth Cook tour ferry boat, Sverri rescue vessel constructed of GRP, Seacor Lynx equipped with DP3 installed and others.

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Significant Ships and Significant Small Ships delivered in 2012. This set traditionally consisting of two books will provide interested readers with the technical information such as the particulars, some of the sketches or drawings, images and descriptions of the most remarkable vessels.

The conventional vessels covered in the pages of the first part include AIDAmar cruise ship, Coral Energy dual-fueled liquid natural gas carrier, Hyundai Together container carrier featuring capacity of the 13000 TEU, Al-Idrisi hopper suction dredger, Astomos Earth Japanese liquid petroleum gas carrier, Emerald Ace - a remarkable car carrier powered by the solar energy, Jules Garnier II nickel oil carrier unique in the class, K Hope very large oil carrier delivered for the SK Shipping company, MSC Altamira and MSC Athens container vessels, Stena Supreme eco-friendly tanker build by Samsung, Tanit ro-pax ship built in full compliance with all latest regulations, Tzini boxship featuring modern piracy protection arrangements, S. A. Agulhas II research vessel, Stolt Rhine inland tankers having significantly improved design, Ulusoy 14 ro-ro ship longest in her class, Zealand Juliana general cargo ship and many others.

The second volume will tell you about such relatively small ships as the Interceptor patrol boat, Esvagt Aurora standby ship specifically designed for operating in the Barents Sea, Sanaborg ice-breaking OSV, Ocean Wave tug and so many other nice designs.

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Another release of the Significant Ships and Significant Small Ships. The present pack will cover the ships delivered in 2011. That year was challenging for the maritime shipping industry and shipbuilding in particular. However, some new technologies were introduced and many shipyards started to implement them.

It saw the completion and delivery of the world's largest bulk carrier Valemax, Algoma Mariner laker ordered by the Algoma Central Corp., BW Lotus very large crude oil carrier, CSCL Star container vessel of Panamax size built by Samsung shipyard, Boknafjord liquid natural gas transporting ferry, Jolly Diamante ro-ro ship, Iver Balance chemical tanker, Marina cruise ship, Mega Caravan heavy lifter, Norbe VIII drillship featuring capability to drill in ultra deep waters, Leonora Christina catamaran largest in its class, Orange Star juice carrier, Nord Vela bulk carrier, Seatruck Progress ro-ro ship, Piana ferry build in compliance with all SOLAS 2009 regulations, MPI Adventurer wind turbine ship, Vorstenbosh bunker tanker.

As you can see, there are so many of the ships built largest in their class, and this present particular interest. The Significant Small Ships volume will give you some information about Elastec 1 oil skimmer, Christopher Wheatley fireboat, Hornblower Hybrid passenger ferry boat, Liberty fast ferry, Ocean Pioneer fire fighting tug and many other interesting designs.

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One more collection of technical information covering both significant ships of conventional and relatively smaller size delivered in 2009 - note that this is the twentieth release of the publication marking the beginning of an absolutely new era in the shipping industry and shipbuilding in particular.

The main volume will tell readers about Auriga Leader car carrier, Carnival Dream cruise vessel, Araon research ship featuring ice-breaking capabilities, Coral Methane gas tanker, Anafi Korean built liquid petroleum gas carrier, Beluga Houston heavy-lift ship, Corella Arrow general cargo carrier - largest in the world, Cristobal Colon suction hopper dredger, Express liquid natural gas re-gasification ship.

It also covers such interesting ship projects as Norgas Innovation LNG carrier, Maersk Weymouth container ship, Oasis of the Ship - the largest cruise ship, Prosco Irina tanker, Seri Balhaf diesel-electric liquid natural gas tanker featuring dual-fueling, Nordic Agnetha product tanker, Stolt Island chemical tanker, Tiranna car and truck carrier, Zenovia Lady tanker and others.

The supplementary volume addresses smaller ships such as the OSV Adams Challenge, CE2 patrol boat, Lambeth low-wash harbor patrol boat, Pilbara Thor support tug, Seaspan Resolution escort tug, Spinola terminal tug, Farasan catamaran ferry, SMBC Monterrey LNG support tug etc.

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Two more volumes of the popular Significant Ships and Significant Small Ships. This set was issued ten years ago and covers the most interesting vessels delivered in 2008. Among the ships constructed that year there were the world's largest ore carrier Brasil Maru delivered at Mitsui shipyard, Al Ghuwairiya liquid natural gas carrier, City of Hamburg vessel designed specifically for the Airbus concept and built in Singapore, Clipper Mars liquid petroleum gas carrier and Clipper Point ferry, Combi Dock 1 heavy lift ship.

There were also such remarkable vessels as Fair Seas tanker, Emirates Star and Horizon Armonia product tankers, Cruise Roma and Island Sky ferries, Korsaro chemical tanker, Mariloula bulk carrier, MSC Poesia cruise liner, Mystic Capesize bulk carrier, Mozah LNG tanker, Mari Ugland tanker, RN Arkhangelsk Arctic tanker featuring DEICE notation, Seven Seas pipe laying vessel, Sepid Suezmax tanker, West Polaris drillship and so many others.

The second volume traditionally covers smaller ships and this release will tell readers about such ships as America escort tug designed and built to be used in North America, AHTS Ark Tori and Greatship Anjali, Don Osiris crew supply boat, Hirta patrol ship, Iliria patrol craft, Island Constructor multi-purpose OSV featuring DP2 notation, Solway Spirit catamaran, OSV Messico, LOS 116 pilot craft, Vivax tractor tug, Wave Ranger workboat and others...

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Another issue of the set consisting of the Significant Ships and Significant Small Ships of the year 2007. Have a look in the first volume and you will get a lot of interesting technical information, sketches and details on such projects as Al Gattara and Al Ruwais Q-flex LNG designs of Hyundai and Daewoo, Anne Sibum and Cala Pancaldo container vessels, British Emerald LNG tanker built for BP, Atrotos product carrier, Deo Volente heavy-lift ship, COSCO Asia and COSCO New York container liners.

You will also get to know about the famous Faust car carrier delivered at Daewoo shipyard, China Steel Team bulk carrier, Histria Giada product tanker, Lamentin LPG tanker, Libertas Panamax bulk carrier featuring double-hull construction, Dubai Star tanker, Coastal Renaissance ferry, Orange Trident Panamax bulker, Queen Victoria cruise liner, Vasily Dinkov Arctic tanker, Yacht Express semi-submersible yacht carrier, Sigas Margrette LPG carrier, Saracena product/chemical tanker and many others.

The second volume concentrates on the remarkable designs of the ships of smaller size delivered in the same year. Among such small ships we would recommend you to check Bocas Del Toro tug boat, Guan Xiao Yi Hao fire-boat, Edda Fram - first ship featuring integrated drilling system design, and others.

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There are so many measures in place implemented to ensure safe transportation of passengers oil as well as chemical cargoes, following the disasters of Exxon Valdez, Scandinavian Star and Herald of Free Enterprise which eventually led to new technological decisions such as the hatchcoverless design of the vessels. One of them, Norasia Fribourg was delivered at the very end of 1993 and that is why was not included in the present listing.

Therefore, the Significant Ships of 1993 would be better described as a consolidation year, mainly talking about the innovative design of ships. The owners and builders of tanker vessels had quite difficult time attempting to anticipate the extent of the internationally recognized requirements - some of those designs reflect the results of the individual interpretation of the necessary issues.

This release of the magazine provides the information and supplementary data for such famous vessels as the Arosa, Cosmo Delphinus, Eleo Maersk, Eos, Glenross, Knock Glune, Windward, New Vitality, Siam and New Wisdom crude oil carriers, Caledonian Isles, Juan J. Sister, Kong Harald, Spirit of British Columbia and Silja Europa passenger/vehicle ferry, Polar Eagle LNG carrier, Tokyo Senator container ship and many others.

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Significant Ships & Significant Small Ships of 2006. Traditionally these books will provide you with the information about most interesting ships delivered in a particular year. The books cover the ships of different designs and types.

For example, the first book covers the Arctic Voyager liquid natural gas tanker, Berge Nantong and Clipper Carina tankers, Bit Okland tanker featuring twin skeg design, BW Sombeke gas ship, Bossclip Trader bulk carrier, Cosco Guangzhou container liner, Cote D'Albatre ferry, Industrial Diamond heavy lift cargo vessel, Naftocement XI built cement carrier delivered in Turkey, Nganhurra self propelled floating production and storage unit, Meltemi Suezmax tanker, Marida Boreas tanker delivered in Romania, Otello vehicle carrier, YM Intelligent container vessels and so many others.

In turn, the Significant Small Ships book will tell readers about such designs deserving attention as the Arrowpilot boat and Alert intervention vessel, Bergen Start product tanker, Axebos 1 and 2 concept boats, CAP Siglli azimuth tractror - first in Algeria, Gavea I ferry, Gleann Mor and NB543 interceptors, MS Clyne, The Evans supply ship, Olympic Octopus anchor handling vessel, UP1000 patrol boat, WP 950 prototype seismic survey vessel, OISS Patroller, Milenium Tres high-speed cat and others.

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