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Here is the set made of two publications, namely the “Significant Ships of 2015” with the information about the most interesting designs, and “Small Significant Ships of 2015”, addressing the ships of smaller size. Among the ships included in the first collection of remarkable designs, there are the luxury cargo cruise vessel “Aranui 5” and the containership “Al Murabba”, capable of carrying 15 thousand TEUs, the shuttle tanker “Eagle Barents” and the multipurpose vessel “Isaac Newton”, the “Isla Bella” which was the very first container vessel powered by the liquid natural gas, product tanker “Ohio”, ore carrier “Shandong Zheng Tong” and many others.

In turn, the second publication will provide readers with the technical data on such small vessels as the customized mussel farming craft “Alysee” and search-and-rescue/fire-fighting craft “Ernst Meier-Hedde”, battery powered fishing craft “Karoline” and the “Curtis Marshall” – the compact DSV, standing for the dive support vessel, the “Trearddur Bay” featuring the VLJ propulsion technology used, the Brazilian compact DSV “Sistac Vitoria”, the “Umoe Vertis” which was the craft supporting the wind farms and having the hovercraft and cat technologies applied in the design, etc.

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In the year 2014, there was a serious improvement in the field of the ship construction in comparison to the previous year. So many positive steps forward were taken, resulted in the overall progress; in addition, this is when they commenced to install the environmental systems on board newly delivered vessels.

Although the Ballast Water Convention had not yet been ratified, the increasing number of new ships had the BWTS and EGCS, standing for the ballast water treatment systems and the exhaust gas cleaning systems, respectively. The international maritime shipping industry, in total, was preparing for the new regulations to be introduced in the area of marine pollution prevention, having potential impact on the ship design and operation.

Have a look in this release of the world famous title and you will get useful and interesting technical information about the vessels delivered in 2014, such as the Asia Vision liquid natural gas carrier, Cascade bulk carrier, Corcovado LNG carrier, Loch Seaforth hybrid ro-ro vessel, Pegasus Voyager tanker, and so many others, each of them having unique features, that will be greatly appreciated by the ship designers and naval architects.

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Here is 1994 issue of the popular Significant Ships magazine released on the annual basis. We all remember a truly tragic disaster of the Estonia ferry which occurred in 1994. That disaster was actually overshadowed by the numerous ship losses that were continuing to effect the bulk carrier fleet of the world though without too much of press coverage.

That is why the authors of the present release of Significant Ships included two bulk carrier designs that were claimed by their designers to address most of the actual problems of basic ship strength and operational maintenance considered prime causes of most of the ship losses.

This issue of Significant Ships provides information and technical data on such vessels as Angel Wing, Corona Ace, Erna Olderdorff, Erradale, Romandie, Thalassini Tyhi bulk carriers, Ankleshwar crude oil tanker, Arcadian Faith, Arktis Fighter, Cari Sea, Fischland multi-purpose cargo ships, Asean Restorer cable ship, Cecilie Maersk, Ever Racer, Frotabelem, Marwan, Heddloyd River Plate, Nordlake, Nuevo Leon, Villa de Vela, Westerdeich and Zhonghe container ships, Hyundai Utopia and Puteri Intan liquid natural gas- and Tarquin Ranger liquid petroleum gas tankers, Pearl River suction dregder and many others.

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Another brilliant collection of the vessels considered by the authors of this release significant enough to be included in the list for 1995. This sixth edition of Significant Ships addresses largest and fastest ships, ones with highest capacity and first in the series - they all have been brought together to demonstrate how the ship designs moved forward in order to satisfy the growing demands of the shipping industry.

The book will provide information about such interesting vessels as APL China, APL Korea,Bermuda Islander, Bunga Mas Satu, Canmar Fortune, Chesapeake Bay, Irena ARcrica, NYK Procyo, OOCL California and Neptune Sardonyx container ships, Arklow Brook, Atlantic Bulker, Brazilian Venture and Merchant Prestige bulk carriers, Aretousa, Bang Chui Dao, Island Commodore, Isle of Innisfree, Manuel Azana, MN Toucan, Rodib Hod and Superfast I Ro-Ro ships, Yukong Navigator and Murex crude oil tankers, as well as many other LNG tankers, newsprint carriers, supply ships, bitumen tankers, cable ships and others.

Traditionally for this series of books, this one gives all data related to the shipbuilder, owner and operator, flag, sister ships if any, general information and principal particulars for each of the ships covered.

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Another issue of the Significant Ships magazine traditionally covering the most interesting vessels of one particular year. This issue addresses the significant ships delivered in the year 1996. Among the vessels dealt with in this publication there are Aida, Carnival Destiny, Costa Victoria, Grandeur of the Seas cruise liners, Balder FPU and Berge Hugin FPSO units, CSK Enterprise, Clipper Fantasy, SG Prosperity bulk carriers, Eagle Boston crude oil tanker, CMBT Endurance, Frotasantos, Hanjin London, Hanjin Zenoa, Hyundai Independence, MSC Alexa, Nedlloyd Amazonas, Regina Maersk, OOCL Canada, SCAN Polaris, Sea Excellence, Sea-Land Mistral, UTE Johanna container vessels, Mubaraz LNG tanker, and many other interesting vessels.

Each of nearly fifty vessels covered in the pages of this issue has been provided with necessary information and technical data supplemented with the characteristics, dimension, information on engines and main arrangements, supplemented with the photographs allowing readers to get a clear idea of the ship. This approach is what has gained so much popularity to this series recommended to all people with the interest in new ship designs.

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This set of magazines consists of two publication. The first publication is the Significant Ships of 1998. Traditionally, as it was a case with the previous releases of the publication, it provides listing and brief technical information of the most interesting vessels for one particular year. The vessels covered within this release definitely deserve attention of the readers.

The list includes such ships as Amalienborg tanker, Aratere and Aries ferry, Berge Atlantic bulk carrier, Elation cruise liner equipped with the Azipod propulsion system, Grande Princess and Disney Magic cruise ships, Queen of the Netherlands dredger, Haneburg container vessel, Sand Falcon sand/aggregates dredger, Wenatchee passenger commuter ferry, Toisa Perseus multi-purpose OSV, Top Selandia freight ferry and so many others.

The second volume forming this set is Significant Small Craft 1998 which is a new publication by RINA following in the perfectly established footsteps of the parent series of Significant Ships. This new volume features more or less same arrangement of the material but, as it is implied by the title, mainly focuses on the crafts of relatively moderate sizes.

The volume will provide necessary technical information on such vessels as first Chinese fast ferry Afai 08, Arcticaborg and Antarcticaborg ice-breakers, Catling V catamaran and other interesting crafts. The technical data is supplemented with the plans of the vessels.

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Another set of Significant Ships and Significant Small Craft magazines, the tenth edition since 1990. This one lists the most interesting ships and small crafts of the year 1999.

The ships covered in this release are Abdul Kalam Azad crude oil carrier, Black Marlin semi-submersible heavy-lift ship, Cala Pula container feeder, Crystal Lily new design bulker, Elbwolf container vessel, Isola Gialla chemical tankers, CEC Atlas cargo vessel, Hanjin Muscat LNG tanker, Knock Sallie shuttle tanker, Europa luxury cruise ship, L'Audage vehicle ferry, two Mistral named ships, one being cruise ship and second aa product carrier, Marigola LPG tanker, River Queen river cruiser, MRS Sonja short-sea trader, Margara Panamax-size products tanker, Makiri Green tweendecker, Silver River tanker, Stella Polaris bitumen tanker, Rasmanian Achiever ro-ro ship, Okha covertible tanker/FSO, and many others. 

In turn, the second volume provides the technical information, specifications and images for such small crafts as Africa trawler, Atlantide yacht, Bonanza Express car ferry, Geco Eagle seismic vessel, Humber Callisto pilot boat, Midnight Arrow OSV, Nanuq and Tan'eriq tanker escorts, Rivage St. Martin cruiser and other projects all delivered in 1999.

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The Significant Ships magazine release of the year 1997. Traditionally, the content of this annually issued publication is covering the most interesting ship projects presented in the particular year. This volume contains technical information and descriptions of such vessels as, for example, A. B. Bilbao and Flinterzee general cargo ships, Alexandria reefer ship, Boomerang and Devil Cat catamaran type fast car ferries, American Progress products and crude oil tanker.

There are Aman Sendai liquid natural gas tanker, Hamlet double-ended ferry, Helix, Torm Helene and Rina Amoretti product tankers, Kurzeme liquid petroleum gas tanker, Luhe container ship, UKD Bluefin port dredger, Rathboyne asphalt tanker, Peene Ore ore carrier, New Herald bulk carrier, Multitank Brasilia chemical tanker, Njord B floating storage unit, Taronga ro-ro container vessel, Superseacat Two fast mono-hull ferry, Thames Fisher coastal tanker, and so many others.

The book retains the traditional format used in all previous releases of the Significant Ships series. Each of the vessels have been provided with the brief technical data including shipyard and owner/operator at the time of delivery, ship designer, principal particulars, machinery information as well as some pictures and sketches.

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