stealth warship technology

Author(s) Christopher Lavers
Publisher Adlard Coles Nautical
Date 2012
Pages 175
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb







The first publication to provide the professionals and enthusiasts with the good and interesting insight into a rapidly growing area of naval warfare interest, namely the stealth technology, considered truly crucial for all future technical developments in the construction of the warships. The content of the book is intended to demonstrate the critical importance of the materials that are commonly used in the building of the warships and also shows how such development is influencing all design parameters of the naval platform.

This technology is treated as one of the most important components within the warship design, mainly focusing on the technical concept of stealth fast increasing around the world as the naval forces are adapting to the new challenges. The first generation of this technology is now being implementing by many of the developing countries. This really exciting publication will explore the whole extent of the threats which the warships are exposed together with the transformational changes in the science of naval architecture for incorporation of these modern techniques.

The author discusses the theory and origins of the stealth technology making useful references to the famous ships and aircrafts in the military history, and providing the readers with an excellent opportunity for the development of proper understanding of the specific technical skills needed in this naval sector. The book shall be treated as the essential reading for all people with the serious interest in the stealth design and all relevant matters.

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