Submarine Design and Development

Author(s) Norman Friedman
Publisher Naval Institute Press
Date 1984
Pages 192
Format pdf
Size 91 Mb







One of the most interesting and recognized books on design and development of the submarines. The submarines were actually the first weapon systems to be considered technologically "stealthy". Their great value traditionally lied in their invisibility and one of the most important areas of submarine technologies is mainly aimed to protect this invisibility taking into account the modern technically sophisticated submarine detection methods.

The tactics of the underwater boats is commonly traceable to the quality of their stealthiness. Starting with the introductory chapter covering the very basics of the submarine warfare, the content of the publication proceeds to the important compromises and constraints of submarine design including diving depth, hull forma and construction materials, pressure hulls and power plants, periscopes and conning towers.

The third chapter is covering the historical period between 1900 and 1945 telling readers about the submarines of those times. Then you will read about fast submarine era and post-war development of the submarines. Soviet submarines have been deal with in a separate chapter, same applies to the submarine fleets of the third world countries.

The designers will appreciate the information about diving and underwater maneuverability as well as about both conventional and nuclear types of propulsion. The last chapters of the book are devoted to the communication and sensors, tactics, weapon, future possibilities and other valuable info.

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