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The present video training programme is taking a remarkably detailed look at the SIRE Programme. SIRE is standing for the Ship Inspection Report. The content of the video starts with the brief discussion of the origins of this safety programme, considering the role of the persons using the reports and people performing the inspections.

The trainees will first look at the vessels particulars and vessel inspection questionnaires and then the focus will switch to the examination of the inspection process itself starting with what exactly shipboard personnel could do and should do when preparing for the inspection.

The author of the video has detailed every single aspect of the areas that are commonly checked by the inspectors, discussing what the inspectors would most probably want to see and check in the ship's documentation and providing numerous practical tips on what personnel should expect and be prepared to during a SIRE inspection.

He is also dealing with the obligation of the SIRE inspector to record all exceptions and what actions are to be taken by the personnel should they disagree with the findings. At the end, the author discusses the impact that the SIRE safety initiative has on the tanker fleet of today's world. The training is primarily aimed at the officers on the oil tankers.

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