Supply Ship Operations

Author(s) Captain Vic Gibson
Publisher Oilfield Publications Limited
Date 1999
Pages 192
Format pdf
Size 186 Mb







At the turn of the XXI century the Southward movement of oil exploration across the Mississippi delta made the eventual search for hydrocarbons under the sea inevitable, and in 1923 the first offshore exploration took place off the coast of Louisiana state. The drilling derricks were set on platforms which in turn were supported by the piles that were driven into the mud of the Mississippi delta.

And, it was not long before subject structures were erected just off the shore, and by 1930 the oil companies were using derricks mounted on barges which were sunk to the seabed on the location. The supply vessel as a ship type is unique in that it did not develop from any other sort of craft, except that in common with all other ships it has a hull, engines and a bridge...

This book written by Captain Vic Gibson is dedicated to the operations performed by the offshore supply vessels. It starts with the historical overview o the development of the supply ships and requirements applicable to them, followed by the chapters addressing the oil fields and drilling rigs, ship handling and moving of the semi-submersible and jack-up, i.e. self-elevating offshore drilling rigs, special offshore activities, towing and cargo transportation, standing by and emergency services, etc. A very useful book for all people engaged in the offshore supply activities.

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