Survival Series - Lifeboats

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The present training series has been originally developed to supplement the content of the personal survival manuals of the vessels including the training manual under Chapter III of SOLAS Convention and requirements of STCW Convention. This video deals with lifeboats while three other video films are dealing with liferafts, mustering and survival & rescue.

We highly recommend all our users to watch very carefully all of the parts of this series and also consult the wordbooks and training manuals available on board specific to their particular vessel. The video covers all types of lifeboats normally used on the vessels. It starts with the information about the most popular enclosed type lifeboats demonstrating how they should be launched and how the whole process of abandoning the ship should be arranged.

The other types addressed are partially enclosed lifeboats, open type lifeboats and of course free-fall type lifeboats. The specific features of each type of boats have been dealt with together with the recommended procedure for maintenance of the boats and systems on board. Do not wait until the real emergency is there as it may get to late. You should take absolutely every single opportunity to participate in any available training courses and other activities including onboard drills.

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