Tanker Practices - Heating Cargo

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This video is one in the series dealing with cargo operations on board an oil tanker and supplements the two video lessons addressing the Tank Cleaning and Pumping Cargo. Here we will be dealing with the task of heating the cargo in order to maintain its temperature. The video will demonstrate the working principle of the cargo heating systems commonly utilized on board oil tanker ships.

We know that heating cargo is necessary operations and that is why proper understanding of the operational matters will eventually result in effective cargo heating while failure to understand the system can have negative consequences. Even though the tankers of today seriously differ in size, the basic of their design and construction, including arrangement of the tanks, namely cargo, slop and ballast tanks, remains more or less same. The heating of the cargo is mainly done by using the cargo heating coils installed in each of the cargo and slop tanks.

All personnel involved in cargo operations on board any tanker shall familiarize themselves with the tank arrangement and position of the coils as well as all relevant technical characteristics as necessary, before they start their work. This video, when watched with the other two lessons, will give a good introduction to the subject.

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