The 24-Gun Frigate Pandora

Author(s) John McKay, Ron Coleman
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 1992
Pages 128
Format pdf
Size 51.4 Mb







One more pearl of the Conway's Anatomy of the Ship series. In their book John McKay and Ron Coleman joined their efforts to familiarize readers with the world famous frigate Pandora. The book is pretty full of the very valuable info related to the design and newbuilding process, construction of the ship - in particular, hull construction, copper sheathing and fastening, pumps, armament, galley stove and still, boats, decoration, sweeps, oars, steering system, anchors and cables, yards, masts and rigging.

There are so many detailed technical drawings, sketches and even paint schemes depicting the construction of internal and external hulls of the vessel, her general arrangement, armament, fittings, masts and yards, sails and rigging, etc. It shall be noted that in the opinion of some of the reviewers of this book, it is the best and stand-out one in the whole AOTS collection.

That is not surprising, taking into consideration the completeness of the drawings, including 1/144-scaled cross-section and even isometric drawings providing full picture of the ship and making it very easy to build a model. This is a real treasure for any naval historian and model maker - in fact, to every person who likes the sea and whatever is related to it.

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