the ancient mariners

Author(s) Lionel Casson
Publisher The Macmillan Company
Date 1991
Pages 286
Format pdf
Size 15 Mb







The Ancient Mariners book was written by the famous authority of seafaring and ancient ships Lionel Casson; it is addressed foremost to the general reader and has served the needs of all people interested in the sea. Though there are so many books covering this field, Casson has tried to make this book useful for scholars and straddle the fence between them and professional seafarers.

The author of the present publication managed to put in a single volume the whole story of all that the ancient people accomplished on the sea - from the earliest times to the end of the Roman Empire - and explains how they perfected trading vessels from mere rowboats into really huge freighters that were able to carry over a thousand tons of cargo, and how they transformed their warships from quite simple oared transports into very complex rowing machines able to take hundreds of marines and even heavy artillery on board.

Every single person interested with history will find this volume to be a greatly valuable resource for getting a good understanding of the origins and evolution of the seafaring in the time period covered. In fact, people know so little about the seamanship activities of the ancient world and that is the reason why the publication providing such wealth of information are so popular.

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