the art of boat names

Author(s) Laurie Churchman
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2009
Pages 171
Format pdf
Size 14.7 Mb







Well, it goes without saying that a name plays a very important role in the whole destiny of the ship, up to the very last day of the service. A well-designed one will be a finishing touch in the long-lasting process of building the boat and it will form the first impression of the boat. The name of a boat or a ship is referred to as a visible clue to the owner's sensibilities and interests.

Regardless of whether the chosen name is mythical, irreverent, romantic, classical or, say, whimsical, it will not be able to communicate such message without a good and effective design. The title of this book fully reflects the content. The readers will get to know how to choose the graphic style and lettering expressing their personality and boating aspiration the best way, how to work with various techniques of lettering, how to properly communicate their choices to a designer, or a letterer.

They will be offered a nice visual tour through the history of naming the boats and will be given a good opportunity to browse thousand and a half boat names and also explore the various resources for expanded search. Take some time reading this book and you will see how interesting the process of choosing the name and designing it can be.

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