the ashley book of knots

Author(s) Clifford Ashley
Publisher Doubleday
Date 1994
Pages 640
Format djvu
Size 20 Mb







Here is one of the most popular and definitive books on the knots available today. Yes there are many books dedicated to the knots but this one is definitely among the best ones. The publication contains the descriptions of almost - just imagine - four thousand kinds of knots, starting from the very simple hitches and up to the very complicated ones.

The author of the book has managed to include nearly all information on the knots and has precisely classified and named them. You will be able to find all of the knots in the index. The author also tells the readers the history of every kind of knot - when and how it appeared and what this particular knot is used for, its advantages and disadvantages.

The author also provides quite explicit directions on how the knots shall be made, describing the process step by step in a simple and clear manner making it easy to understand even for the complete dummies. There is enormous number of drawings in the book illustrating the process of making knots, and all of them have been prepared by the author himself.

The content of the publication is based on more than forty year experience of its author. We promise that this book will make a permanent and unique addition to any library - just a piece of rope taken together with this book will open an absolutely new world of practical adventure!

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