The Attacking Ocean

Author(s) Brian Fagan
Publisher Bloomsbury Press
Date 2014
Pages 288
Format epub
Size 7 Mb







This work by Brian Fagan shall be treated as an excellent resource for people interested in the behavior of the Earth and various reasons for all inexplicable occurrences that effect human lives. The author especially recommends this publication as reading material for people who really care about the damage we humans do to our planet, for example global warming.

The book has already been found to be very informative; the author has addressed many different theories to make a clear picture. The readers will get a chance to learn a lot about the changing levels of the oceans, the historic rises/falls etc. In his publication the author has tried to highlight the human impact on the surrounding environment - he has described the effects of rising level of the sea taken over the past ten thousand years on the human societies. We would say that the book is a sort of hybrid of archaeology and sustainability.

The content of the volume is generally comprehensive and very well written - it presents one of the best available reviews of the topic. The author made a compelling narrative of the impact that rising sea level may have on the human beings - the books stands out alarming, with some two hundred million residing at the elevations not more than five meters above the sea level...

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