The Battlecruiser Hood

Author(s) John Roberts
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 2001
Pages 133
Format pdf
Size 77.5 Mb







A truly excellent volume written by one of the recognized naval history experts, John Roberts and dedicated to the HMS Hood; this title is most probably one of the most important and interesting ones in the whole series "Anatomy of the Ship". The author included all technical info in ones volume, to the very last nut and bolt. Just imagine, there was a time when the ship to which this book is dedicated, was the fastest and biggest capital ship in the whole world and, at the same time, HMS Hood used to be among the most handsome ships of those times. Hood was deservedly called the proud of the Royal Navy - and was considered unsinkable vessel, just like the Titanic.

The vessel's keel was laid in 1916 and HMS Hood was designed and constructed at the times when navy ships had to get quite close to the enemies' facilities to be able to fire at them. However, by the time the ship was delivered, i.e. in 1918, the vessels were already able to shoot from the greater distances... As it is very common to all AOTS series publications, this book contains, apart from the detailed technical data, the numerous drawings, sketches and photos, and shall definitely be treated as a perfect source for all people interested on the naval history.

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