the battleship bismarck

Author(s) Jack Brower
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 2005
Pages 161
Format pdf
Size 80 Mb







Today, we would like our readers to have a glance at the publication dedicated to the most famous warship in the naval history - the battleship Bismarck, which used to be the heaviest and biggest warship ever build in the whole European region. This nice and interesting semi-historical and semi-technical book by Jack Brower provides a pretty complete description of this vessel - the most of the publication consists of the detailed technical drawings and sketches depicting every part of the Bismarck.

The pictures provided inside to supplement the text, are very clear and truly excellent, by the way, quite rare nowadays. The plans and drawings for sure will be of great use for the marine historians, illustrators and ship model makers as well as for every person interested in the battleships of the past. This book is a really must-have for every marine history enthusiast. The book really exposes the battleship Bismarck; we have to say that, in fact, most of the information collected by the author on Bismarck, would also apply to her sister-ship, Tirpitz. The materials provided on the 160 pages of this publication will definitely be highly welcome and appreciated by any naval historian and ship modeler.

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