The Battleship Fuso

Author(s) Janusz Skulski
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 1998
Pages 263
Format pdf
Size 59.4 Mb







   Before the famous A64-coded super-dreadnought battleship project has even been commenced, a big team consisting of the Imperial Navy naval architects visited Britain in order to assist in the building of the new Japanese battle cruiser Kongo being built at the famous Vickers ship construction yard.

   They offered all their shipbuilding expertise and technical skills to a British battle-cruiser project - it was based on the Lion class ships. The truly high importance and high value of the Japanese contribution to the British project was clearly significant, for the British ship designers and naval architects adopted many of the features of the Kongo ship in the battle-cruiser Tiger.

   The exchange of design knowledge worked both ways: the Japanese ship builders who went on to design the Fuso class battleships had gained full access to the very latest British project studies. However, instead of simply copying everything what they had observed during their trip to Great Britain, these specialists preferred to develop their own battleships that were to be superior to all contemporary vessels. This determination is the primary subject of the book presented to your attention...

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