The Battleship Yamato

Author(s) Janusz Skulski
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 1995
Pages 192
Format pdf
Size 35 Mb







This work by Janusz Skulski provides the reader with all necessary info and interesting details of the Yamato ship. Many years ago, during the WW II, Yamato definitely proved to be a really formidable and serious opponent to any ship of the United States Navy Fleet based in the Pacific, being equipped with the heaviest armour of that time and largest 46cm guns, and having - just imagine - the greatest displacement ever.

The book contains full descriptions of the construction and design of this vessel, covering all wartime modifications made to the ship - it contains hundreds of detailed drawings, diagrams and photos supplementing the text part and technical information - they were all included by the author with the intention to impress any model maker, naval historian and, in fact, any person interested in ships of the past. We all consider this publication a detailed tribute to one of the most remarkable and legendary vessels in the naval history.

It is a must-have source for people interesting with this ship from a modeling as well as engineering and even historical perspective because of the amount and quality of the reference material contained inside. The views included in the book are rare and quite difficult to find.

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