The Buccaneers of America

Author(s) Alexander O. Exquemelin
Publisher Dover Maritime
Date 2000
Pages 240
Format pdf
Size 2 Mb







This best-selling book by Alexander Exquemelin will definitely and seriously fascinate any of the modern readers interested with everything relating to the piracy and by the history of European conflict in the Caribbean region and on the Spanish Man. The book will be extremely interesting for any enthusiast of the naval history and any professional historian.

This publication is fully dedicated to some sort of cross between the real privateers who were commissioned with a purpose to defend the overseas colonies and trade of their country, and genuine outright pirates, the buccaneers who were mainly French, Dutch and English adventurers who did ply the waters between the Caribbean Islands and Central America, Colombia as well as Venezuela more than three centuries back. Their activities reached a peak at some point in the second half of the XVII century, and this was the time when this nice eyewitness account has been first released.

The author of this book is providing the truly fascinating details of the French presence in Hispaniola and he is also describing the main features of that country together with its inhabitants, plus valuable and interesting comments at the whole length on the origin of the buccaneers, recounting their code of conduct as well as their way of life. Exceptionally interested one for all lovers of sea.

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Dear Libramar Webmaster, instead of the book "The Buccaniers of America" by Alexander O. Exquemelin (2000), the download link directs the visitor to the book "Maritime Transportation-Safety Management and Risk Analysis" by Svein Kristiansen (2005).
I wonder if you can correct the missing link. Thanks in advance.
Corrected. Thanks for your comment.
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