The Evasion of Tropical Cyclones

Author(s) Capt. P. A. Vergroesen
Publisher Royal College Zeemanshoop
Date 1986
Pages 119
Format pdf
Size 7 Mb







This title is mainly intended to serve as a practical guidance to measures to be taken in order to evade the Tropical Revolving Storms and how to "ride out" with the minimum possible damage in case you have found yourself in the centre or near such storm. This book by P. Vergroesen is intended to provide mariners with all required information.

All navigators shall know which exactly information they require; however, it appears to be quite time consuming and also difficult to compile all relevant technical information and draw correct conclusions.  Trying to make this a bit easier, the author of the present booklet has brought all of the information and regular cyclone tracks in one monthly chart for all areas.

The mariners can determine both storm track and speed using the results obtained during the consecutive observations. The first part of the book provides general information and addresses preparations to be made in advance, while the second is dedicated to the cyclonic areas, making closer examination of the strategic courses, weather reports and safety matters in different marine harbors.

The remaining parts of the booklet deal with detecting/plotting of the tropical cyclones, illustrated divergents, cyclone navigation, defining the distance to and direction of the center, plus provides advice on what shall be done at ports when cyclone is passing.

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