The Fire Ship

Author(s) Peter Tonkin
Publisher Crown Publishers
Date 1992
Pages 289
Format epub
Size 1 Mb







This nice and captivating marine novel by Peter Tonkin is actually a sequel to his very popular thriller "The Coffin Ship". The characters of this novel book, Richard and Robin Mariner are having a rare vacation and suddenly stumble upon a plot of the terrorist organization to strangle the oil flow out of the Persian Gulf. Some eight years after the previous set of adventures they have all been again caught up in a mystery happening around huge supertankers.

They now discover a "fire ship", i.e. one full of explosive materials and designed with the aim to destroy all vessels around it. In the meantime, their supertanker Prometheus II is under terrorists attack, and Robin's father is kidnapped in the Persian Gulf when he arrives with the clear intention to manage the situation. The vivid and colorful descriptions of the maritime life and the sea by the author, together with the swift pace of the action has made this a really gripping marine novel.

The main characters of the novel have to display their best merit to overcome all obstacles, avoid all bullets, but this has never been a drawback to a really good thriller. An interesting and fascinating story that will be definitely found a great one by all lovers of sea.

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