The Lusitania

Author(s) Colin Simpson
Publisher Little Brown & Co.
Date 1973
Pages 303
Format pdf
Size 50 Mb







The Old Head of Kinsale is a very steep and extremely rocky promontory jutting aggressively into the Atlantic from the southwest coast of Ireland. On its crest are a lighthouse, a coast guard station and the ruins of an early Celtic settlement. For about two thousand years it has been a vantage point for the people on shore and a familiar and essential landmark to those at sea.

Behind it lies a deep and secure harbor, once the shelter of Spanish and English fleets, and the town of Kinsale, today a sleepy fishing port swollen each summer by the tourist and the yachtsman. There is little to do but talk, and any conversation eventually turns to the Lusitania torpedoed nearby in 1915, with the loss of 1,201 human lives. There is a Lusitania bar, a Lusitania grill and the inevitable Lusitania souvenirs.

Equally inevitable is the Lusitania legend that the great liner was loaded with bullion which is there for the taking for anyone sufficiently rich and determined to risk diving three hundred feet to the granite and current-swept bottom of the Atlantic twelve miles south and two points west of the Old Head.... The publication, as it is clear from the title of this publication by Colin Simpson, is specifically intended to tell readers many true and interesting historical facts about maybe the most fateful of all marine disasters...

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