The Marine Steam Engine

Author(s) Richard M. Christensen
Publisher Longman, Green, and Co.
Date 1898/2007
Pages 480
Format pdf
Size 42 Mb







Another classic publication, this one was first released nearly a century ago, in 1923. The book represents an excellent reproduction of a very important historical work, while the team of authors who were preparing the present release did their best trying to maintain the same format of presenting the information as the one used in the original publication.

Note that the publishers of this volume have not applied the OCR when preparing the soft copy of the book; instead, they have declared that the application of such technique would lead to sub-optimal results, e.g. confusing formatting, many typo errors etc. The author strongly hopes that the present work will be more culturally important in the original form. As it can be easily seen from the title, the book is fully dedicated to the marine steam engines.

The book opens with the introduction giving some historical overview and describing the progress in the field of marine engineering. Then, the main body of the book comes, divided into three major parts, named "The Boiler", "The Steam", and "The Mechanism". This set of sections is followed by the section providing general information on the pumping arrangements, auxiliary shipboard machinery, construction materials, fire arrangements, indicator diagrams and others.

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